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Purposeful Minds Educational Center, LLC offers educational consulting services for both businesses and parents!

Educational Consulting for Businesses: Contact

For Parents:

Our PMEC team will provide support to families in the following areas:

  • Serve as an advocate at school meetings

  • Review student’s RTI or SST plan and help develop a plan for parents to execute at home with their child(ren). Students will be provided with resources to help improve their deficit areas

  • Data disaggregation of school’s formative and informative assessments and assist parents in creating a plan with hand on activities they can use at home with their child(ren)


Please note: Our consultative services are not exhaustive. If you need any assistance with bridging the gap with your child’s school, contact us today!

Educational Consulting

Family with Tablet
In a Meeting

For Businesses:

PMEC provides Curriculum Support and Development:

Our PMEC team will provide consultative services on curriculum development, writing support, and review of technological platforms for projects, businesses, and schools. With our consultative services, our goal is to provide solutions for your company's operational needs.

Contact Purposeful Minds Educational Center for more information.  

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